The Solomon difference...

Solomon & Associates Consulting Group, LLC is a professional consulting firm that offers administrative and technical services to both commercial and residential clients.  Being business professionals first, we understand that your technology investment is often significant however, to you, the information contained within may be priceless.  We offer professional services at your site or from our private offices that include policy development, security solutions, business continuity planning, investigations, project management, and vendor negotiations as well as computer and network support, virus and malware removal, database development, data recovery, data destruction, and wireless and infrastructure solutions.

Being rooted in family and small business, we understand the constant necessity to justify your spending and realize a return for your investment.  We offer a sliding scale and variable support options that allow you to purchase only the support and services that you need with the philosophy that everyone deserves the opportunity to utilize top-notch talent.

Whether you’re an established company, a new start-up, or parents trying to improve your children’s scholastic ability, Solomon & Associates Consulting Group, LLC is here to help you meet your goals.

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