Our services...

Solomon and Associates Consulting Group, LLC offers a host of services for both business and residential customers alike. With over 10 years of experience servicing both the public and private sectors, we are committed to providing you the support that you need in order to operate efficiently and effectively.  Some of services include:

- Computer Optimization
- Computer and Server Setup
- Computer Repair
- Consulting and Procurement
- Wireless Setup and Security
- Networking
- Database Development
- Data Recovery
- Data Destruction
- Policy Development
- Project Management
- RFP and Spec Development

Computer Optimization

  • "Tune-ups" vary widely by vendor and may include only the removal of temporary files and a disk defragmentation.  Most computers take a lot of abuse over time.  As you add and remove software, update or upgrade, or utilize resource intensive programs, drives and programs begin to show wear.  Programs may develop mixed file versions, files may get placed out optimum order on drives, and the registry, a set of databases containing key locations and settings for your files and programs, may get bogged down with outdated information.  Even more importantly, your computer likely has common security vulnerabilities due to known issues.
  • Our service includes the removal of unnecessary programs (junkware), the removal of temporary and other unnecessary files, optimization of the system startup, updates to MS Windows and other key software such as common office packages and Adobe brand software, driver and BIOS updates, scan and removal of viruses and malware, optimization of the system registry, Internet connection optimization, and the mitigation of most common security vulnerabilities.  Our process is very thorough and designed to provide you with a stable and well functioning computer.
Computer and Server Setup
  • New computers can be great, but can also be overwhelming, disappointing, and frustrating.  Internet connections, free trials, junkware, and migrating your old data can be very time consuming and challenging.  We offer complete service even including expert advice and procurement services making sure that you get the right product at the right price. We can remove unnecessary software, perform software updates, disable unnecessary services, connect your computer to your network, and transfer data from your old system.  We can also create default and individual profiles to help you use your new system more safely and securely.  If desired, we also provide data destruction and recycling services for your old system.
If you have a need that is not listed, please feel free to contact us.  If we cannot provide the service, we will be glad to work with our business partners to help you to locate a suitable source.

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